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wine need not be stuffy or pretentious...

Pouring Wine
Wine Clink
Wine Bottle
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Wine Cellar
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White Wine
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Our Roots

Founded in 2010, Residual Sugar Wine Bar is known for completely changing the way the East Bay enjoys wine and food pairings. Located in the beautiful downtown area of Walnut Creek, as well as the gorgeous Veranda outdoor center, Residual Sugar brings together one of a kind, indigenous wine varietals from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, and beyond, to the hands and hearts of our curious guests. Featuring over 30 wines available by the glass, Residual Sugar has the most extensive and eclectic wine list this side of the tunnel.

We aim to provide a space for our guests to travel the world right from our Bay Area Barstools. 

So what are you waiting for? Come take a seat...



tiny but mighty

Curated by Jim and Jennifer Telford, Residual Sugar Wine Bar was a passion project for this wine-loving, married couple. Coming out of the 2008 Recession, The Telford's genuinely wanted to bring a space of joy and community to the East Bay. Now labeled "The Cheers Bar"by their regulars, RS is a small business to it's core; their team knows their guests by first name and deeply pride themselves as locals providing a comfortable, safe, inviting place for other locals. 

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